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Comparison Chart

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Features Free Silver Gold
GFS Maps Yes Yes Yes
NAM Maps Yes Yes Yes
RAP Maps Yes Yes Yes
ECMWF Maps Yes Yes Yes
Animated Loops No Yes Yes
Ad-Free Experience No Yes Yes
Archive (days) 3 7 7
GEFS Mean Maps No No Yes
GEFS Members Maps No No Yes
GEFS Max/Min Maps No No Yes
GEFS All-21 Maps No No Yes
CMC Maps No No Yes
US Regional Maps (All Models) No No Yes
Free Mobile Access1 No Coming Soon2 Coming Soon2
Price n/a As low as
As low as

1A separate free app (not IWXM Pro) for iOS and Android just for subscriber access to the maps and loops on our site.
2Release dates currently unknown, future availability planned but not guaranteed.
3When a full year is purchased at once. Subscriptions are not auto-renewing; you will be directed to this page to renew your subscription when it expires.


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