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2017-01-02: Extended RAP maps to forecast hour 21.

2017-01-01: Upgraded server hardware for faster map generation and more storage space.

2016-05-13: Changed logo.

2016-01-05: Added GEFS All-21 loops.

2016-01-01: Changed GEFS All-21 map generation procedure for massive speed increase and greater map clarity.

2015-07-16: Changed links to premium content in navbar to gold color.

2015-07-12: Added US Regional maps.

2015-01-14: Implemented the latest GFS upgrade with 0.25-degree resolution for all forecast hours.

2015-01-04: Added GEFS All-21 maps and the CMC and ECMWF EPS models.

2014-01-06: Made a few small layout changes and corrected some display errors.

2013-12-13: Added premium features (loops, longer archives, and GEFS maps).

2013-08-13: Added favicon.

2012-11-27: Issued Winter Forecast 2012-2013.

2012-10-15: Added Facebook and Twitter share links to each map page.

2012-09-15: Changed preferred image host from ImageShack to Imgur.

2012-08-20: Special thanks to for adding us to their Model Sites list.

2012-05-01: Replaced RUC with RAP to reflect the recent model upgrade.

2012-04-09: Added Europe maps for GFS and ECMWF.

2012-01-15: Made major speed improvements. All maps now under 20 seconds.

2011-12-13: Added GFS Stratosphere maps.

2011-12-12: Added ECMWF maps.

2011-12-08: Added Composite Reflectivity maps to NAM and RUC and made some speed improvements.

2011-11-22: Issued Winter Forecast 2011-2012.

2011-11-08: Added RUC maps.

2011-10-28: Expanded multi-variable (NCEP clone) maps to include all forecast hours.

2011-10-26: Added Simulated Reflectivity to NAM maps.

2011-10-23: Added NAM CONUS maps.

2011-10-07: Upgraded some surface variables from 0.5/1.0 degree resolution (at short/long range) to 0.2/0.625.

2011-09-17: Added GFS Northern Hemisphere maps.

2011-09-15: Released Instant Weather Maps Pro app on iOS App Store.

2011-09-13: Added GFS Canada maps.

2011-08-24: Added Min/Max numbers to the bottom right of most maps.

2011-08-20: Added GFS Atlantic maps.

2011-08-13: Upgraded hosting from a VPS to a dedicated server and automated the image share link generation process.

2011-08-08: Changed to a data source that's about 12 seconds faster, made map generation speeds more consistent (always 1.0-1.7 seconds to first map), added snow depth maps for hours 204-384, and changed hours 204-384 from 2.5-degree to 1.0-degree resolution.

2011-07-22: Made maps generate faster. Lag is now 2-15 seconds depending on the map.

2011-07-16: Added image share links.

2011-07-13: Added vertical velocity (omega) maps.

2011-07-03: Created a Twitter account and Facebook Page.

2011-07-01: Corrected a major error that was causing some of the navigation options to be hidden by ads.

2011-06-30: Added extra navigational aids to map pages.

2011-06-30: Added Latest News to left side of pages.

2011-06-26: Officially launched site.


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Map Status

Model Run Hour
GFS 00Z 384
NAM 00Z 084
RAP 04Z 021
ECMWF 12Z 240
GEFS 00Z 318
CMC 00Z 240
ECMEPS 12Z 240

Latest News

2017-01-02: Extended RAP maps to forecast hour 21.